Friday, June 29, 2007

Rise of Indian Rupee and Fall of US Dollar

Ahhh.... this is the one i am dreaming of for a long time since when i started my carrer a few years ago... i was wondering ( even worrying ) why most of the talented indians are moving to USA for their jobs... then i realized its because of the global exchange rates.... but the recent trend of the US dollar in the gloabl market is showing that we may soon see one more economic revolution ( may be a downfall ) ... infact when i started my carrer i was hit worsly because of the economic slowdon driven by USA globally which made me to wait for almost a year to join in my job... since the company i was supposed to join was in a downfall as most of its US based clients are affected.... then i realized the power of the USA in the global market and was thinking a lot how they were able to reach this position as opposed to Britian who were the global leaders initially....
the below 2 articles explains this topic in more detail....
but how long this current exchange rate will continue and wether in future it will go down or up is still a billion dollar question.... thought our indian rupee is doing good against the US dollar , we are not doing that good against our competitive developing countries.... our imports / exports and our global business needs to get adjusted to this economic situation quickly to change our countries fortunes.... hope everything goes positively.... :-)

10 years after schooling

i was discussing about my college life with my colleague today and suddenly i got lost in my thoughts and realised that 10 yeards before the same period i finished my schooling and was waiting for my college admissions eagerly... the days are running very fast that in these 10 years lot of things happened in my life some with my control and some without... i finished my college.. changed 2 jobs... got married... became Dad.. moved to a new city... travelled few countries... doing a job completely irrelevant to my studies.... spending most of my time in a day with this idiot box... 10 yrs before i never saw this idiot box in my life... but now its the one with which i am spending most of my life.... when i started my high school i took biology group with the aim of becoming a doctor , but at the end of my high school i got afraid of the numbe of years needed to become a full fledged doctor ( since i am a lazy goose ) and then decided to become an engineer and took electrnics branch in my enginnering with the aim of becoming an elecronics / hardware engineer but my fate continued and i ended up as an software application developer... these thoughts were goin on when my colleage stopped the discussion and we went back to our work... :-)