Saturday, December 15, 2007

ACL reconstructions surgery

it was a rainy day and was returning home in a hurry... then happend the most tragical thing in my life... i fell down from my bike on the way to my home and broke my right knee joint ligament. its called the ACL ligament. i had to undergo a surgery to replace the ligament with a tissue from my lower knee called the patella... i may be slightly wrong with the medical terms..
now its almost 2 month since the accident happen and still i m recovering from the injury and struggling to walk. after the surgery i m undergoin physio therapical treatments to get back my normal flexibility and strenght to my right leg... now atleast i would have achieved 90% of flexibility and 75% of strenght... stil not able to walk without the help of my knee brace and elbow crunch... otherwise i m perfect... goin to office.. playing with my kid.. njoying my LCD tv and PS3 games... and all my regular activities...

you can find more information about the surgery in the below site