Monday, September 24, 2007

First 20 20 World Cup

40 years after the First limited overs world cup , here comes the next generation of the game which conquered the whole world , the 20 20 world cup. 12 nations started this in the first level , knocking out 4 in the initial league , the mighty 8 fighting in the secound level and throwing another 4 and the remaining entering into the semis which has set the stage for the best 4 cricketing countries to axe each other and get into the finals. and now i am watching the finals between India and Pakistan , the 2 good old rival asian countries which plays the maximum number of matches a year , teams which has numerous records in its name , which produced lot of players who breath cricket... fighting for the first 20 20 world cup title.. india has knocked out australia ( the world champions in the limited overs game ) and pakistan has thrown out newzealand to get into this final game. india won the toss and played first and scored 157 for 5 in the 20 overs and pakistan is struggling now to reach the target with already 6 witckets gone for the score of 78... i believe and i wish India wins this first ever world cup that will always remains in history of the game as west indies did in 1975...

Yes. Its True

Can you believe the changes happening in our economy.. our indian rupee getting stronger and stronger.. now the dollar value has come down below 40 ( which i mentioned in my earlier blogs) and now the big question is how good our country is goin to use this growth.. how we are going to adapt to this change.. now we are seeing australia and america all in the same range of economy.. the population in america is growing , their inflation is rising , economy is falling.. will this reduce the migration of the population form other countries like ours to this land of fortune.. we just can't purely say that this is based on our development alone... the other way to look into this is US has lost its growth factor in few domains because of of the impact of the wars that Mr.Bush started concentrating and the expenses he made in these areas could have resulted in this situation.. what ever the reason, we are now seeing this growth and now we need to capitalise on this. In parallel we are seeing our stock markets growing at a huge rate which will make the inflow of funds grow and if we keep our import / export in control without major impact of this dollar - rupee calculations , i believe we can do a good job here. recently lot of headlines about this is floating across our country and some of them are reflecting the negative side of this rise, mostly in the domain involving export part of our country and the same resulting in loss of jobs for many people.. hopefully we quickly change our game plan in these areas and start focusing on the various changes like this so that we handle any kind of such situations without major hurdles... :-)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

play station 3

after my moto rockr the next big thing ( atleast its big for me ) i m aiming to buy is the sony playstation 3.. i dont know sure when i will get it but i m very sure that its not too far.. i m very much attracted towards this device that even some times its coming in my dreams... :-)
the look , the features , the performance.. everything is a highlight in this box... though the price is very hefty compared to the xbox and wii boxes , i m still leaning to this... currently i m goin thru all the reviews , comments about this to get more knowledge on this just to make sure my idea of buying this doesn't go wrong.. right now all the factors are encouraging me to get this... lets see how fast i get this.. so that i can post a self review on this ps3.. :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

completed 2 years.....

glad to share that I am completing 2 years of my bangalore life and also as a dell employee...
in these 2 years i came across lot of changes both personally and professionally... some of those coming to my mind are
me and my wife came to bangalore on september 2005 as a happy couple and now we got promoted as proud parents... i joined dell has a senior developer and now few months back i got promoted to tech lead... i got a chance to travel to malaysia and philipines from dell, me and my wife has almost covered all the places in and around bangalore, staying as a bachelor for almost 10 months since my wife went to chennai for delivery.. shuttling between chill bangalore and hot chennai... and a lot more to mention... looking for my wife and kid to come bak to have a parentood life in bangalore before i move on to a new location... :-)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

india - ups and downs

some of the recent happenings that makes every indain ( atleast me ) to feel happy are

tennis - the success of sania mirza who broke all the records and entered top 30 in rankings.. wish soon she finds a place in top 10 and then in to top 3...
cricket - the success of indian cricket team in the test series in england which created history... hope indian cricket team proove the same in one day series and in the 20/20 world cup also....
politics - prathiba patil becoming the first women president of india.... though i feel bad that APJ cdnt continue as president , i feel happy that he went back the most valuable post of teaching ... and the success of prathiba also proves one more fact to the world , that how much india respects its women power... the more women grow , the country grows... :-)
space - the achievements of kalpana chawla and sunitha williams has made our country proud in the space world

as this success list goes on , we are seeing lot of downs also in our nation ( both natural and man made ),

the most worst thing that comes to me immediately is the sucide of farmers ( more that 1000 people ) , whom we call the back bone of india. this discourages the agriculture field a lot and soon we may see a food revolution itslef in our country if the same state continues...
the other one is the recent floods in bihar which caused lot of deaths and made lot of people homeless... these floods are affecting some part of the country every year and we see no improvements the next year to protect people from such calamaties.... unlike earth quakes i believe these can be predicted and preventive measures can be taken during the peak monsoons in each of the states atleast to the low lying risky places.... not sure how many years it will take to do this...
though the first 2 are natural defects which we are still trying to fix , the terrorism is growing heavily in our country , a recent report shows after iraq and afgan , its india with most terrorist attacks... and india is concentrating on the US nuclear deal... though i didn't know much about the benifits of this deal , i believe we should concentrate on security and peace deals with global nations than this one... the worse thing in this case is the internal terrorism , inter state issues which makes our security even weaker and opens up lot of holes for others to attack us easily...

i will soon try to post a seperate topic on this internal terrorism which is growing its network heavily in our country... :-(