Friday, August 06, 2010

new life in new place... ozie

yes the title is correct... we moved to Oz.. its been a big move for us from bangalore to sydney within 2 quick months... first from bangalore to chennai in the end of May and been there in chennai for a months time and then the big jump to sydney in the end of June... all happened in a spark.. couple of months back we were discussing what we will be doing in ozie.. how we will be settling down.. what difficulties we will be facing.. how we will bring up our son.. should i travel alone or together with my wife and son, etc... etc... and now we are here... settlling down in a better way.. though the cost of living is comparatively high than what we have been used to all these years, we are getting used to it hoping the change will be good for us.. need to figure out how things needs to go in the future with a better planning and financial budgeting.. will keep updating about our ozie life :-)