Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vroooom in US

this is my first trip to US and though i was hesitant in the begining , later with my friends encouragement i rented a car here now. my first right hand , auto transmission car , ford fusion with GPS facility. its really tought in the initial period to get adjusted to the right hand drive and the lane system thats followed here... still need to get trained a lot in the next couple of days before i get into the real driving mode this weekend... need to decide about the places that we will be goin this weekend but i hope it will be a great adventurous experience for me.. will update soon about my driving experience in my next post...

Chalo America

After 6 years in this IT industry , the thought of "not flying to US" was always troubling me... finally i got relief from this feeling as I was asked to travel to Austin to our Dell HQ last weekend for our application planing discussions. we were informed about this trip on Friday and the same day we got all our travel process done which took the whole of friday and we got our tickets for monday morning as the weekend was completely packed in all the airlines.
The trip started with a sad note , that the flight from bangalore to london got delayed by 5 hours because of bad weather.. this delay made us to miss the connecting flight from london and the worst thing is we had our next flight on the next day afternoon... so we got 1 day transit visa in london and the airlines gave us accomodation near the heathrow airport itself. in the dinner provided by the same hotel at the airlines expense , i got a chance to try FROG LEGS FRY.. ( taste was same like chicken but smell was horrible ) finally the next day we got our flight from london to chicago which was also delayed by an hour becos of the air traffic. and the last flight of our horrible 2 days was journey from chicago to austin which was perfectly on time.
we checked into the hotel on tuesday night around 10 p.m... then had a light dinner and got settled in the room and slept well... the next day we went to our Dell office here in the Round Rock campus.... the mission started....