Friday, January 30, 2009

What a match

you cant witness a better match than this in ur life time.. thats the feeling i hv now after watching the australian open mens semi finals between nadal and verdasco.. the 6 hours match between these two spaniards went up to 5 sets which contained multiple tie breakers, more number of dueces and lot more action.. we cant describe that in words... this will definitely enter into the record books of tennis.. now what will federer do in finals to make it more interesting than this one... though nadal won this match, the full marks goes to verdasco who proved to be a tough contender for nadal and showed him the fear of losing throughout the match...

Sunday, January 25, 2009


you would hv seen this ad in lot of tv channels during the breaks... it took me a while to visit this web site but after visiting it i felt why i delayed in visiting it. if u hv a true citizen ship feeling in u and u r not sure whats ur right as a citizen this site provides all the details thats required for an individual to become a complete citizen. if you are wondering about how to contribute in electing the right candidate for your constituency and to your nation, here is the starting point. please visit the site , register yourself and contribute by passing the information in your circle. it starts with the basics like identifying your voting region through a visual map which takes your address as input and shows the voting region in the map. It also gives you the completely filled up forms required to get ur voter id (ofcourse u need to enter ur details during registration). you just need to get the print out of this form and then submit it in the mentioned address. Thanks to the people who took the initiative in put such valuable information and taken the effort to people like me in contributing the society. my sincere request to all is to please do make a visit to this web site and register yourself.