Thursday, July 25, 2013

Salesforce IDE Startup Error jvm terminated. exit code=-1

If you are starting IDE either after a fresh installation or an upgrade,

You might see a scary big popup with this error jvm terminated. exit code=-1. dont runaway.
One of the ways to simply fix it is to open up your config file and remove the unwanted configurations added at the end.

The config file is located in your installation directory. by default it goes into
C:\Program Files\\ IDE\forceide.ini

open up the file using a text editor and comment the configuration keys at the end
(add # at the start of each line)

here is the other options to fix the issue

for me even after updating this, it was still failing with another error  
java.lang.RuntimeException: Application "" could not be found in the registry

to fix this error open up the config file
C:\Program Files\\ IDE\configuration\config.ini

and comment the line

ideally it should have the list of applications. not sure why its blank, so just comment it and ide works perfectly after that... hope this helps some of you