Monday, October 06, 2008

Wireless Power Transmission

Ahhhhhh.... wat's this... Is it ever possible... will such thing happen... am i a fool to talk about such impossible stuff.... all these things came up to my mind when I first thought if we can have wirless power transmission just like wireless data transmission... this thought came into my mind when i was sitting in one of our office conference rooms with my laptop and my laptop ran out of battery.... that made run to find a power adaptor and then a plug point to connect.... if at all we have wireless power transmission how good it will be... then immediately i did some gooogling and found that people have indeed acheived this long back... i m too late in thinking about this...
these links has some usefull explanations on this topic... interested people can check them out... :-)

Monday, September 01, 2008

upcoming posts

not its more than a month from my last post.. i almost forgot that i hv a blog.... now trying to keep this page alive , i m listing some topics that i m planing to post in september... all related to my recent travel experiences.... In the month of august, i got chance to visit 2 nice places.... the first one is my personal trip with family to Hogenakkal & the second one is about my offiial trip to Casablanca ( Morocco )..... with all these my recent posts are about my travel, i cld well change my blog to a travelog..... lets see how soon i can cover up these 2 this month.... :-0

Friday, July 04, 2008

joind LinkedIn

I have joined the LinkedIn network... :-) here is the link to add me to ur linked in contacts...
will meet soon in linkedin...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Hebbel Lake Visit

being in bangalore for almost close to 3 years, i nevervisited this wonderfull place till now. but not anymore.. the mission got accomplished yesterday, june 7th saturday.. since its a weekend, we started the day lazily, woke up at 9 & after having a brunch at 11, we got ready & we we started around 1:30 p.m from our home.. went to annapoorani restaurant in cambridge layout... had our lunch ( the so called weekend delux lunch with nothing speacial in it except for the increased rate )... then started our drive to Hebbel at around 3.. the weather was so good.. almost close to raining but for our goodness it didn't rain... the breeze was gentle.. the temperature was close to 25 C, with no visibility of Sun... i took the most used route.. from cambridge layout reached CMH road through the double road, then went to Indira nagar 80 ft road and joined the old madras road & from there took the hebbel flyover & headed straight to the lake.. the drive was pretty much enjoyable to its entirity except near the old madras road railway bridge because of the huge traffic jam ( which happens regularly )... reached the lake around 4 p.m. njoyed the boating & other rides, took some rest on the lake side, had some snacks & coffeee, spent some time walking around.. played with my son who enjoyed this place more than the others in our group.. we were there for almost 3 hours & at around 7 p.m headed back to our home.. reached home ( behind shiv mandhir in airport road ) at 8:30 p.m......
this saturday evening was more enjoyable because of this trip.. :-)

Friday, May 02, 2008

One More Time to Somnathpur

May 1st being a holiday here and i dont want to spend it sitting in front of my TV box ( though i love to do it ) , I gathered couple of my friends and started my one day trip to somnathpur in my Indica... I have been to this place already 5 years back.. when i was fresh out of college and enjoying my bachelor life with my friends i had been there.. but this time after 7 years since my graduation and 4 years after my marriage , i got a temporary break from my family life ( my wife & kid were in my native ) i got a chance to go around with friends. I started from kemp-fort , airport road , picked up my friend at domlur and went towards BTM where another guy joined us near the Udupi garden junction. then we fueled up my car in BTM and started my long drive.. from BTM we went through Banashankari , catched the Kanaka pura road ( the worst road to travel when you are in a long drive ) and headed towards somnathpur.. we had a couple of drinks break ( real drinks:-) ) & a lunch halt in malavalli and continued our journey... on the way we crossed mekhedhat , siva samudram , thalakad ( jus deviations from the main road ) and then finally reached somnathpur.. our total travel time was around 4 hours including the breaks.. the only foolish thing we did was that we start late in the morning after 11 a.m which made us to reach the destination around 4:30 in somnathpur.. we spent couple of hours in the historical place , enjoyed the fine art work ( hard work actually ).. then started the return trip.. while coming back we didn't want to take the risk of driving in the kanakapura road again.. so we enquired a bit and then took the mandya road to join the mysore-bangalore highway ( NH29 )which was too good and our drive was splendid.. we reached home back quickly too.. had our dinner in Adayar Ananda bavan in BTM dropped my friends and went home and had a nice sleep.. and now i m bak in office.. :-)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

chennai super kings - Real IPL kings

now csk is leading the IPL points table.... they have won all 3 matches including the mighty koltaka knights... dhoni's winning spree continues... :-) good luck to CSK... wish them to become the first ever IPL champions...

Monday, March 03, 2008

My First Blue Ray Movie

with my PS3 and my Sony Bravia TV in my place i was eagerly waiting to get a Blue Ray movie to enjoy the true high definition video display in my digital home... and my recent US trip helped me to make this dream come true... i bought the Die Hard 4 Blue ray version and enjoyed it completly in my home system in place... though i miss the sorround sound efect of the 5.1 system.. to make this system complete i need to buy a 5.1 speaker system with reciever / amplifier... though not in near future i hv started planing for it from now itself... will be getting it by this year end.. either Bose or Onkyo or Yamaha... need to decide on this based on my budget.. and i m planing to go wireless in this... :-)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vroooom in US

this is my first trip to US and though i was hesitant in the begining , later with my friends encouragement i rented a car here now. my first right hand , auto transmission car , ford fusion with GPS facility. its really tought in the initial period to get adjusted to the right hand drive and the lane system thats followed here... still need to get trained a lot in the next couple of days before i get into the real driving mode this weekend... need to decide about the places that we will be goin this weekend but i hope it will be a great adventurous experience for me.. will update soon about my driving experience in my next post...

Chalo America

After 6 years in this IT industry , the thought of "not flying to US" was always troubling me... finally i got relief from this feeling as I was asked to travel to Austin to our Dell HQ last weekend for our application planing discussions. we were informed about this trip on Friday and the same day we got all our travel process done which took the whole of friday and we got our tickets for monday morning as the weekend was completely packed in all the airlines.
The trip started with a sad note , that the flight from bangalore to london got delayed by 5 hours because of bad weather.. this delay made us to miss the connecting flight from london and the worst thing is we had our next flight on the next day afternoon... so we got 1 day transit visa in london and the airlines gave us accomodation near the heathrow airport itself. in the dinner provided by the same hotel at the airlines expense , i got a chance to try FROG LEGS FRY.. ( taste was same like chicken but smell was horrible ) finally the next day we got our flight from london to chicago which was also delayed by an hour becos of the air traffic. and the last flight of our horrible 2 days was journey from chicago to austin which was perfectly on time.
we checked into the hotel on tuesday night around 10 p.m... then had a light dinner and got settled in the room and slept well... the next day we went to our Dell office here in the Round Rock campus.... the mission started....