Sunday, April 05, 2009

Kanishk's first movie in Theatre - Ayan

Kanishk is going to turn 2 years next month.. we have never attempted to take him to a movie theatre fearing of the thought that he wont let us to watch it & its not possible to make him sit in one place for 3 hours.. but finally we broke that barrier and took him to Ayan yesterday.. Surya is his favourite actor so it helped us a bit in making kanishk to watch the movie without much trouble.. everything started well , me , my wife & kanishk got seated comfortably and the movie started.. lot of fans inside the theatre started whistling & noise when surya first appeard.. we feared that kanishk will start crying because of the noise.. but to our surprise he started enjoying it and the movie is filled with songs / fights.. non stop action.. no centiments.. no comedy thou... and this guy likes songs & fights.. during the break we got some popcorn which helped us again... kanished was bored with the movie so he started concentrating on the popcorn.. till the popcorn got over he was silent and after that he started troubling us... but finally we were successfull in making him sleep.. he is totally down till the movie ended ( we are lucky ).. jus wanted to share the first experience of taking my son to a movie theatre.. all credit goes to my wife who was managing him for the full 3 hours... :-)