Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Issue with DBAmp (SQL Server to Salesforce Integration tool) upgrades

If you are using DBAmp from , and if you plan to upgrade your current version to the latest version please make sure you restore the dbamp keys in your windows registry.

Shocked - ye we too went through this pain recently.. when we updated our DBAmp to the latest version 2.17.7 it wiped out all the existing dbamp registry keys which was added during the initial installation.

This had an impact on our case assignment rules. wondering how ? here is the reason...

one of the dbamp registry key is UseDefaultAssignment.
if this key is not there or if its not set to true, the leads/cases created in salesforce thru dbamp will not trigger the assignment rules and all will be sitting with the default user you configure in dbamp.

here is the explanation for this registry key from the DBAmp document
This entry controls whether DBAmp adds an AssignmentHeader to all requests made to A checked value forces DBAmp to include the header.
Note: Setting this registry switch forces DBAmp to add the header to all DBAmp operations. If you need finer control then use the optional SOAP header of the SF_BulkOps stored procedure.

so make sure after you upgrade your existing dbamp installation you check your dbamp registry keys and restore them as it was before the upgrade.

good luck.