Sunday, July 22, 2007

shhhhhhhhh....Its Raining in Bangalore

Wowwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyyyy...... my favourite season has started here in bangalore... now its full of rains and rains and rains... walkting throught the streets during rain in the night under the street lights... its ultimate.. i had this nice experience today... though it troubles sometimes most of the times i nJoy this climate... in my school days we use of have waters in our streets of knee high during the monsoons.... we use to walk thru these water along with snakes and fishes... there was no draining system there in my place that time which will make these waters to stay there for weeks... frogs will have their outings in these nights with their voices going out in full flow...... the most njoing thing for us during those days was we use to get a week off from our school because of rains... but now i cannot get off from my office.... :-(
having a hot cup of tea and few chillie bujjies during this time will be an unforgettable moment... :-)

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