Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rookie HAMILTON on the edge

did anyone thought this little kid will do this ??? to everyone's surprise he is soon goin to be the worlds yongest rookie formula one world champion.. jus another week to see this happen.. even if he misses it to alonso or raikonen , still he has acheived a great feet in his career... last year when karthikeyan from our country made his debut , i was hoping a lot from him.. but the constuctor ( jordan ) didn't support him much to succeed... but later he didn't get a chance again.. and now there are talks goin on to come up with a formula 1 circuit in India... this will definitely be a great progress in our sporting part as this is goin to bring one of the most expensive sport to our country... but still we need to wait atleast a couple of years to see something concrete here.... we have lot of good racers in other grand prix and rallies who needs some good attention from sponsers and should get promoted to F1 level sooner... :-)
once again we need to definitely praise hamilton for whatever he has done in this year F1 racing..

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