Monday, February 23, 2009

Proud of U A R Rahman... Jai Ho

Hurray... this man has proved the world what he is capable of... though it came with the support of the international team which made the film, Rehman has definitely done a brilliant job to prove himself.. the final stage where he can get rewarded is the biggest in the entertainment industry... THE OSCARS... 81st Academy Awards... and Rehman got 2 to his name... and in his speech he mentioned the phrase "Ella pughazhum eraivanuke" in tamil... It was so good to see Rehman who was so humble, simple on stage, the performance he gave on stage in front of the international audience with so much talented people in the industry is mind blowing.. he would have done that many times on a different stage.. but here the most hyped one where he kept his cool and didn't show even a single second of nervousness... you need to be a real professional to be like that and Rehman proved it... Jai Ho Rehman ji.... India is proud of you..

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