Monday, November 30, 2015

Salesforce Process ISCHANGED function not working with compound address fields

I stumbled upon this issue today and raised a case with salesforce and waiting for a response...
just posting it across for others who might face the same issue...

We created a new process on Account to run on both create & update with a simple criteria formula ISCHANGED([Account].BillingAddress) and added an immediate action to the process to do a update a field on the same account record and activated the process.

what's expected is every time we change the billing address on the account, this particular field should get updated with the value from the process.

strangely, thou the process gets saved without any error for using the IsChanged function on the compound address field, when we updated a billing address on an account, nothing happens. The debug logs shows the process being run but the action is not getting fired.

I recreated the same criteria + action using traditional Workflow Rule + Field update and it works perfectly fine. The Workflow rule runs on Account object (both create & update) and uses the same Criteria Formula ISCHANGED([Account].BillingAddress) and updates the same field.

Since support for Compound address field in ISCHANGED function is a recent addition, I believe its not enabled across all functionalities. I will update this post once I hear back from the salesforce support. There is no known issue as well for this. The only option for now is to go with the workaround of using Workflow rule + field update.

After raising a case with salesforce and going thru multiple rounds of discussions, its now considered as a known issue and will be included in one of their future releases (but no ETA yet).

here's the known issue link :

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