Friday, February 26, 2016

Getting to know Salesforce is now easy with Trailhead

If you are a long time technologist or getting your head way into the technology world, you will realise learning a new system or platform is not that easy.

Salesforce was no exception to this, until Trailhead came in..

Navigate the Salesforce

Now with this new Trail "Navigate the Salesforce Advantage", the Trailhead team made it easy for anyone to understand 
  • Success Model - the core principles on which Salesforce operates, 
  • Cloud Benefits - what you need to look for when betting your business in cloud,
  • The Ecosystem - feel the benefits of all the different ways you can engage with salesforce 
For anyone who goes thru these modules and projects within the trail, there is a real joy of learning and understanding the basics in a fun way. So go ahead and hit the trail to navigate your way to success !!!

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