Thursday, April 12, 2007


ha ha ha.... i m very happy to say that my earnings in adsense has crossed a dollar......
though it took a very long time - almost 6 months... its refreshing to see such encouraging numbers which motivates me to write more posts in my blog so that it increases the visitors and in parallel my revenue through adsense too.... thanks to all those who visited so far and helped me in getting this dollar...
But the sad part of this story is that the adsense will pay us only if our earning crosses 100 $... with the current stats it appears that i will touch this 100$ mark at the end of my life or may be its never possible.
Now i am setting a target of 6 months to reach this amount.. lets see how much effort i can put to acheive this target. one more thing i need to consider in this is adsense also provides 2 more features which i m not using. i am currently showing content ads only. i can also go for referals and search based ads too which can increase my revenue further... i will learn about them soon and will try that also in near future.... :-)

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