Monday, April 23, 2007

Tamil Cinema - current trend

the current tamil cinema field is going through a down time.. this is tough to believe but thats the truth . this is clearly visible from the new releases that happened for this tamil new year.. usually in a calendar year , the tamil new year is celebrated as a auspicious date for movie releases.. this is the trend i was seeing from my child hood days... but what happened this time... no big movies... infact the number of movies released for this most celebrated event is too less compared to the numbers in the past few years... lot of movies with big budget and senior hero's are in the line up - few to name... sivaji , dasavatharam , bhema , billa , etc..
hope after the release of these movies the current trend in the tamil movies will change... and to worse the situation , the remake trend is picking up too well now the almost 50 % of the movies we see these days are either dubbed directly or re-made in tamil from other languages... and with stars like Vijay and Jeyam Ravi ( Remake Ravi ) opting for remakes compared to own productions , lot others are following the same... lets hope this changes soon and we see more originality in these people and in our movies....

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