Tuesday, May 08, 2007


long time back in my school days we were craze about a TV show called Invisible Man... this show is all about a man who uses some magic chemical that makes him invisible and he uses his special power of invisiblity to help others... that was a great imagination by the director during that time... and this show kindled my dreams lot of time in which i was becoming invisible and doin lot of crazy things... but as time changes and technology advances now recently i came across an article which says that a research team in Purdue university has designed a optical cloaking device which makes things invisible to visible spectrum for single frequency / wavelenght which they are now trying to expand for all the frequencies / wavelengths... if they achieve sucess in this then my child hood imaginations would become true.. assume what if this becomes a product... i believe soon some company will come forward and fund this project or even take over this team to build this powerfull device making humans invisible and sell it for huge amount... too much of fundoo imaginations coming into my mind as i write this... assume cloning is also achieved completely.... then we can see multiple versions of a single person.. this is in one direction and and with invisiblity we can see no versions of existing persons... this is in opposite direction... and to add more fuel to my imaginations.. if we can achieve cloning then within few years we can achieve cloning persons with more power like people having multiple hands / legs / eyes... and with more than one heart too.... this leads to another topic of preventing death for humans... which I believe can be acheived with the current progress in technology...ooops... this is going way beyond limits.... i hv to stop my imagination now... lets get back to the real world ....
more details about this cloaking is avaiilable in http://www.purdue.edu/uns/x/2007a/070402ShalaevCloaking.html

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