Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Products for my Digital Lifestyle

being a techie i m dreaming a lot abt my life style these days... specifically how to stuff my house with some usefull goodies and other stuff... just thought I can list down few useful PRODUCTS that impresses me currently to lead a digital life which entertains me well enough and also to keep myself in sync with the current generation ....
Let start with my living room
my preference is Samsung Bordeux 32 inches
though there are lot other good players in this field like SONY , Panasonic , Philips , etc..
5.1 Home Theatre System
my preference is Onkyo with wireless speakers
again there are lot of players in this field too with the major one being BOSE the ultimate one
and we have other companions like SONY , Philips , etc...
Motorola Moto Rokr E6 touch screen mobile phone
30 GB Microsoft Zune or Apple IPod player
Microsoft XBOX or Sony Playstation PS3
1.5 ton or 2 ton Split AC - Voltas , Onida , Kenstar , etc..
IFB washing machine
Now lets move to the Kitchen
Refrigerator - my wife's preference Samsung double door refrigerator
and same as above lot of good competitors are here too.. like Godrej , Whirlpool , Kenstar , etc..
GLEN four burner automatic cooking stove, ........................ and the list goes on...
will add more as and when i came across such impressive things...

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