Tuesday, September 18, 2007

play station 3

after my moto rockr the next big thing ( atleast its big for me ) i m aiming to buy is the sony playstation 3.. i dont know sure when i will get it but i m very sure that its not too far.. i m very much attracted towards this device that even some times its coming in my dreams... :-)
the look , the features , the performance.. everything is a highlight in this box... though the price is very hefty compared to the xbox and wii boxes , i m still leaning to this... currently i m goin thru all the reviews , comments about this to get more knowledge on this just to make sure my idea of buying this doesn't go wrong.. right now all the factors are encouraging me to get this... lets see how fast i get this.. so that i can post a self review on this ps3.. :-)

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