Monday, September 24, 2007

First 20 20 World Cup

40 years after the First limited overs world cup , here comes the next generation of the game which conquered the whole world , the 20 20 world cup. 12 nations started this in the first level , knocking out 4 in the initial league , the mighty 8 fighting in the secound level and throwing another 4 and the remaining entering into the semis which has set the stage for the best 4 cricketing countries to axe each other and get into the finals. and now i am watching the finals between India and Pakistan , the 2 good old rival asian countries which plays the maximum number of matches a year , teams which has numerous records in its name , which produced lot of players who breath cricket... fighting for the first 20 20 world cup title.. india has knocked out australia ( the world champions in the limited overs game ) and pakistan has thrown out newzealand to get into this final game. india won the toss and played first and scored 157 for 5 in the 20 overs and pakistan is struggling now to reach the target with already 6 witckets gone for the score of 78... i believe and i wish India wins this first ever world cup that will always remains in history of the game as west indies did in 1975...

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