Monday, September 24, 2007

Yes. Its True

Can you believe the changes happening in our economy.. our indian rupee getting stronger and stronger.. now the dollar value has come down below 40 ( which i mentioned in my earlier blogs) and now the big question is how good our country is goin to use this growth.. how we are going to adapt to this change.. now we are seeing australia and america all in the same range of economy.. the population in america is growing , their inflation is rising , economy is falling.. will this reduce the migration of the population form other countries like ours to this land of fortune.. we just can't purely say that this is based on our development alone... the other way to look into this is US has lost its growth factor in few domains because of of the impact of the wars that Mr.Bush started concentrating and the expenses he made in these areas could have resulted in this situation.. what ever the reason, we are now seeing this growth and now we need to capitalise on this. In parallel we are seeing our stock markets growing at a huge rate which will make the inflow of funds grow and if we keep our import / export in control without major impact of this dollar - rupee calculations , i believe we can do a good job here. recently lot of headlines about this is floating across our country and some of them are reflecting the negative side of this rise, mostly in the domain involving export part of our country and the same resulting in loss of jobs for many people.. hopefully we quickly change our game plan in these areas and start focusing on the various changes like this so that we handle any kind of such situations without major hurdles... :-)

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